What is Rundll32.exe? | Its Function & Is It A Threat (2022)

What is Rundll32.exe?

The Rundll32.exe is short for “run DLL 32-bit” and is an integral part of Microsoft’s Windows system process known as the Windows host process.

What Is The Function Of Rundll32.exe?

It runs as a background process and is developed to carry out specific tasks based on the Windows Dynamic Link Libraries. Here, remember please, Dynamic Link Libraries is written short as DLL.

Since the DLL files can’t be launched directly, rundll32 facilitates the apps to use the Windows DLLs to perform the required operation.

One should be very careful while playing with the file, as multiple programs can use DLL’s process simultaneously. And that is why you can find multiple instances of rundll32.exe in the Windows Task Manager.

And yes, of course, there is nothing to worry about it, as it is a legitimate Windows OS file that you can locate in the \Windows\System32 folder.

As rundll32.exe is a set of routines or coding used by other applications too, if someone tries to disable the rundll32.exe process, the system will behave unexpectedly by generating random errors. It may also disrupt the normal behavior of the running applications and stop their functioning.

To be concise, Dynamic Link Libraries are essential files that store kinda processed data of particular applications, yet they cannot launch on their own but with the provision of Rundll32.exe.

Another important thing is that rundll32.exe is published by Microsoft and therefore also signed by the same.

Is Rundll32.exe A Threat?

As we have talked about earlier, generally rundll32.exe is not a threat to your system. However, some scenarios make its status suspicious and so you have to look into the matter to fix it.

The malware coders intentionally designed the malicious process that tricks you with similar names to get undetected from the security software.

They are particularly not located in the default location i.e., C:\Windows\System32 folder. Verify the path of the offending file and then carry out the appropriate actions accordingly.

Sometimes the rundll32.exe is resource hogging due to which your PC may get hung or not respond. The CPU usage can be seen from the Windows Task Manager. That might be the indication of some malware attack, maybe any virus consumes most of the available resources.

Now the question arises how to cope with the infected system? Let us guide you a bit. The simple way is to locate and delete the suspected file by booting the system in Windows Safe Mode.

Yet, another recommended way is to find the culprit or the intruder by scanning the infected system with anti-malware software.

And don’t forget to update and properly configure your security software before scanning. Keep it installed on your PC to safeguard the system from possible cyber-attacks in the future.

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